Five Favorites during Harvest Season

So, part of the deal with coming out to Montana was that Mark would get to farm.  The entire time that we were dating in Charleston he dreamed about combining wheat in the rolling hills of Eastern Montana.  And… he’s getting to do it!  And I’m thrilled for him.  I really am.  But I MISS him like crazy.  We’re talking leaving at 6:30 in the morning and getting back usually somewhere in between 10:30 pm and 1:30 in the morning.  Exhausted and ready to go to bed.  Six or seven days a week.


(Isn’t he so handsome?)  🙂  

So here’s my five favorites that keep me from going completely stir crazy:


Jillian Michaels 30-day shred

(I have the DVD ~~  If I had to wait for youtube to load this I could wash a load of laundry in between the pushups and arm flexes.  Or find an excuse to eat more cheese and crackers.)



Baking (does not mesh so well with No.1)


A really good jelly roll cake recipe out of my kitchenaid cookbook.  I think you could basically turn any jelly roll cake into this level of fantasticness through the one step:  “Before spreading jelly on cake, soak brush cake with brandy.”





I’m really not sure who this is for yet, and it’s not finished, but I’m already so in love.  I don’t think there’s anything cuter than a youngin’ in a baby corduroy sailor outfit.  (Pink stripe on collar, white stripe on sleeves, and bow on the front to come!  Will post when finished!)



This really cool 1970s video about cajuns that I found on Hulu.

Spend It All




Painting (Sorry, not brave enough to post actual paintings yet.)

But, I’m thinking about entering this contest:  

Magnolia Plantation Art Contest

I love the artist of the Charleston Renaissance, especially Alice Ravenel Huger Smith.  Her paintings just speak to my soul.  


And, if you are looking for some more inspired five favorites check out Hallie’s blog here!


7 thoughts on “Five Favorites during Harvest Season

    • It’s a slow process of learning, but I’m getting there! I’ve always known a little bit, but then I really wanted to do more about a year ago. Do you remember “The Heirloom Shop” in downtown Pensacola? The lady who owned that works at Derrel’s now and found me a used Bernina machine. When she told my mom how much it was going to be, we knew it was sort of meant to be. The cost of the machine totaled up to exactly the amount of some old savings bonds we had found in a drawer that Maw Maw had purchased for me over the years. So, it was like she bought the machine for me. 🙂

  1. I remember Harvest from living in Minnesota (corn and soybeans) and Montana (winter wheat and spring wheat in addition to some barley). It was like the men disappeared from church for 3 weeks and the women were consumed with making meals to take out to the fields. A few sets of picnic wear are a must!

    • Haha… yes, you’re totally right. The dinners in the field is a new thing for me. Specifically, my husband said, “Oh, just make a hot dish”. I had NO idea what a hot dish was! (For some reason this wording has not made it to the south)

      Thanks Jen for checking out my blog!

  2. Greetings from Charleston, Amelia.
    What a nice surprise to hear from you on my Art Blog and your comment lead me to your blog too! Now we can keep in touch 🙂

    The photos you posted of y’alls wedding are beautiful – you and Mark look so happy.
    I know everyone says it – but it’s especially true in your case – You made a beautiful bride!!!

    I hope you do post photos of your artwork on the blog and enter the Magnolia “Garden of Dreams” art competition. Your knowledge of Magnolia Plantation and the style of the Charleston Renaissance painters would be a great addition to the show.

    All the best for much happiness in your new home with Mark in Montana.

    Kay Schneider

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