Five Favorites No. 1! The best moments from our wedding in Charleston!

These are my five favorite memories from Mark and I’s wedding:


With a last minute change of priests (which ironically also happened at my parents’ wedding), a broken air conditioner in the church (which people were nice enough to say they didn’t notice), and an overly tight bodice under my dress, I ended up getting a little bit of nerves before and during the Mass.  I’ve been known to get a little light headed and faint and it happened once just the week before the wedding so I was a little scared of passing out or getting nauseous — especially when all of those things came into play.  But, without a doubt, after making it up the aisle with my wonderful dad, the best memory I have of our wedding was when Mark and I were able to kneel in front of the altar, grasp each other hands and know that we were making the best decision of our lives.  (And, if either of us passed out the other one would be there!)  The service was actually perfect.  The priest did an amazing job, the flowers were gorgeous, and the LOVE was there.  What a blessed day it was.  🙂



My mom and I had contacted the church about having the bells rung at the church for our wedding only about a week before the service!  We never heard back from anyone so we figure it might be too late.  (Our church has change ringing bells that usually take at least six people, but normally eight!)  So what JOY and surprise it was when we came down the aisle and the bells started to ring!!!!!!  All eight had come to ring for us!


Driving from the church to the reception.  Mark insisted on driving us from the church to the reception in his pickup.  Best decision ever.  It was a truly wonderful moment that I’m glad he had the foresight to see that we needed that time together.



Our reception was incredible.  Mainly it was just so much FUN!  I mean, we danced, we sang, we ate good food.  We ate cake!!  One of my favorite memories from the reception was from the cake cutting.  We cut the cake, ate cake, and drank champagne!  But my favorite part…  There’s an old New Orleans tradition called the charm pull where under the bottom layer of the cake there are little silver charms attached to ribbons that come out the sides.  All of the single girls come and pull one of the ribbons and the charm says something about their future – like a Ring means “there’s an engagement in your future”  or a music note means “you will live life with a song in your heart.”  We had so many people at the wedding that we couldn’t have enough charms for all of the single girls, so it was a first-come, first-serve for the first fourteen charms.  I was a little nervous that the young ones wouldn’t be able to get in and find a ribbon when at first it was all older girls.  Honestly everything was going so fast I couldn’t remember who pulled what ribbons, but I knew somehow all of the little girls had made their way to the front.

I couldn’t have felt more blessed with wonderful friends when a few of my grad school classmates came and asked me what their charms meant.  I hadn’t seen them up by the cake, so I was surprised.  They then explained that they were the charms that “their little kids” had pulled!  They had switched places with them and let them pull and keep the charms!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such wonderful, kind friends.




The dancing!  Everyone, my parents, Mark’s parents, everyone danced!!  There was a great moment when Mark was dancing like crazy and my mom was dancing and she said “Did you know he could do that??”  and I said “I do now!” and it was the best moment.


There were SO many wonderful memories from our wedding.  I need a Fifty-five Favorites post!  The best part, though, were all the incredible friends that came so far and went to so much trouble to be there for our special day.  And, also all of those friends who could not be there but sent their love and prayers.  We love you.


Now for all of those who are looking for other Five Favorites please check out Moxie Wife — apparently another lovely lady from Charleston!


7 thoughts on “Five Favorites No. 1! The best moments from our wedding in Charleston!

  1. What a beautiful wedding! You looked stunning, just gorgeous. I really like your dress, so different from what most young women wear these days. And, your reception sounds like a lot of fun. You are lucky you got to eat. My goodness, every time I sat down to eat a bite of something, someone came up to talk to me. I was so glad my sister made me eat cheese and crackers before the ceremony even though I was so nervous. It sounds like those memories will be imprinted on your mind for a lifetime but it’s great that you are writing them down.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! The dress should definitely be no. 6 on this list. It was such a joy to wear and I was so lucky to find someone who to how to make something that wasn’t the standard strapless. It was a blessed day that we were very fortunate to have. Thank you again!

    • Thank you Martha! I think you definitely had your fair share of wonderful things going on where you were too though! Please let me know if you and your fam will be heading anywhere I might run into you. I’d love to meet the little ball of cuteness. (I also totally want to pick your brain about cloth diapering – I might be jumping the gun, but I want to be prepared if and when we have a little one come along. — Nothing yet though!) 🙂

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